Feeling depressed and alone? Visit Starbucks for a quick fix

When someone is going through a depressive mood, it may feel like moving a mountain to get back to action. Especially during Covid-19 pandemic where it becomes difficult to meet people up physically, we are prone to feel alone and left out.

Some of the feelings that arise during this moment could be feeling of loneliness, disconnection, and feeling as if what we did doesn’t matter. So, what can we do to negate these feelings? To negate them, it means we could try doing something which could result in getting the feeling of togetherness, connection, and feeling that we matter.

Logically we should simply get out and do something fun, or call a friend to talk and meet. But that’s easier to say than done especially when the depressive mind is pulling trickery into negativity. What if said friend is busy and calling would bother them? What if I become a burden to them by bringing this negativity around? What if there’s nobody staying near enough to meet?

If reaching out for a real friend feels difficult, Starbucks is your other friend. Plus they exists all over the earth so you won’t have a problem finding one.

All around the world, Starbucks staff are trained to greet their customers with a smile and to write down their name on the cup of beverage they are ordering. Sometimes the cute barista goes an extra length by writing a little note to make your day.

As superficial as it sounds, an act of having our name asked and called in a positive tone tricks our mind to think that we matter. Plus the shot of caffeine in the coffee we are ordering stimulates us to get back in action. After all, if the depressive mind could pull a trickery into negativity, why can’t we pull another trickery to bounce the brain back to positivity?

Once we get back to action, go ahead and call a friend, do some exercises, do whatever that needs to be done!

Of course, depression is more than just feelings and is more complex than what’s being discussed above. So please note that this is only a quick fix, a hack, for combating negative feelings, and not a substitute for a therapy. If you are having a case of depression, please seek a therapist.