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Urban Oasis Hunter Goes Nomadic

It was early 2015. Watching the rain pouring over running train outside of my apartment window, the sound of the train horning whenever it passed rang over my ear, as if telling me what’s the matter up there. I became tired of living in this bustling city. After so long, life had become slow and stagnate that I had an inkling of leaving Jakarta to move forward in life. Thus, I decided to sell out and throw away my stuff and pack my bag for a new journey.

I didn’t know where I were going to go next. I just knew that by the end of the year I would be ready to move out and go wherever my feet brought me to.

It took a good one year to clean up and cut ties with everything that would tie me up within the city. Furnitures, rental, part-time work, classes, etc. During the course of the year I also embraced minimalistic lifestyle, so the move was a great decision I made.

Then, just about the time when I was considering which cities to go, my manager I worked with during my contract offered me to come over and work in Malaysia. What a coincidence!

Long story short, I finally went out with just me and my backpack to work overseas. I took the opportunity to do more backpacking and solo traveling. Being a location independent person, a digital nomad one would say, is one of my biggest milestone in those years.

As I travel more, I have a desire to share more about my stories on the road. Therefore, to cater the wider topics, I renamed my blog Urban Oasis into Double Jar Nomad. The blog will now primarily consist of articles about urban oasis I found and some survival tips on how I make wherever I stay as homely as possible.

So, please welcome and support my new blog Double Jar Nomad!

I know what Urban Oasis is, but what the heck is Double Jar Nomad?

A typical jar is a glass container to store items. Some of them are made airtight to prevent spoiling the contents. I use the term jar to associate it with a baggage we bring along when traveling. It could be a luggage or a backpack. Most people who travels carry two bags with them. Two bags are ideal for traveling, really. I too have two with me wherever I go. So there, a Double Jar Nomad!

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