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About Double Jar Nomad

There are a fundamental difference between being a tourist and a digital nomad. As the name implies, a nomad does not only travel around, but also live their life in a suitcase (or a backpack).

There are many different ways people have their digital nomadic lifestyle. Some stays in one place for a span of time before moving to different locations. Some choose a city as their base and wander around nearby countries. Still, the same challenges exist: how to fulfill my basic necessities and quickly adapt so it feels like home.

And this is my story.

Urban Oasis

Living in an urban city with lacking urban planning made me realize how important it is to be connected with the nature. Surrounding myself with a manmade environment surely drains myself. That’s why while I like staying in a metropolitan city, I often wander around and make a getaway in parks, urban forests, or simply a small corner with greenery. Those are urban oasis for me!

Urban oasis is on of the main focus in this blog. I will post some pictures of green places where you can relax and enjoy breeze of natural air and hear birds singing within the city full of buildings and vehicles and people.

Survival Tips

The survival tips are basically a collection of my travel notes that I think are worth sharing. Sometimes these notes could be easily forgotten when you are not going through it but are proven to be useful at times.

Double Jar Nomad… what?

A typical jar is a glass container to store items. Some of them are made airtight to prevent spoiling the contents. I use the term jar to associate it with a baggage we bring along when traveling. It could be a luggage or a backpack. Most people who travels carry two bags with them. Two bags are ideal for traveling, really. I too have two with me wherever I go. So there, a Double Jar Nomad!